What types of payments are accepted?

Use PayPal or you can pay with a credit card.

(You don't have an account with PayPal.)


What sizes are the prints?

The prints are available in 3 sizes:

20 inches by 24 inches
16 inches by 20 inches

11 inches by 14 inches

(Prints are shipped in a tube except for 11x14 in a box.)

To order a larger print, use the contact form.


HOW CAN I order the 2019 calendar?

Click here to order the calendar.


When will the 2019 calendar ship?

The 2019 Stone Nudes Calendar will be shipping in October, 2018.


Shipping a calendar and prints costs more?

Yes, we ship your prints in a mailing tube but the calendar has

to be shipped in a separate mailer and therefore incurs an

additional shipping charge of $8.50.


Is there a hard cover version of the book?

Currently, the book is out of print.

Click here to order the digital version of the book.


ARE there samples of the book online?

Preview the book here.

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