STONE NUDES: Art In Motion - Most of us recognize the fusion of the iconic and the naturalistic, but even connoisseurs are sometimes challenged to peg what a Stone Nude actually is. The images themselves are silent in this regard. Since the first January photo in the first Stone Nude calendar was printed over a decade ago, and now one hundred and forty something Stone Nudes later, no trace of photographer Dean Fidelman has ever appeared on the face of the climber, the granite buttress, the earth, tree, river, or cloud.


The merit, the enchantment of any art is determined by how often we return to it. In the case of Dean Fidelman’s Stone Nudes, to experience these black and white portraits a thousand times is to be cheated. From the Cerros of Patagonia, to the jungled walls of tropical Thailand, to the austere lines of the Arizona desert, Stone Nudes cover some ground. This digital version includes a short video of an actual Stone Nudes Photo session. With stunningly displayed photos and first-person stories from the actual models you won’t be disappointed.

Sorry, the Hard Cover version is currently out of print.

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